Guitar Links

Guitar Links

Online Instruction

Guitar Noise Clear step-by-step instructions for learning over thirty songs listed in order of difficulty. If you can’t afford to take lessons, simply learning the songs on this web site would be a good alternative, especially if you like classic rock.

EZ Folk A great resource for folk musicians, with a lively forum (ask questions in the Guitar forum and get speedy answers from experts!) and lots of tutorials and songs.

Guitar Lesson World Thirty great skill-building lessons emphasizing scales and soloing. Way to go Patrick!

Acoustic Guitar Magazine These lessons use streaming audio examples to teach traditional folk songs and techniques. An excellent resource.

Will Landrum Will has enormous hair. As you might expect, his lessons are geared to people who would like to play guitar the way Mario Andretti drives cars. While I’m more of a Volkswagen guitarist than a Ferrari guitarist, I’ve learned several techniques for improvising and playing efficiently from this site.

Other Guitar Resources

Virtual Chordbook This is the best chord resource I’ve found on the web. Simply click the kind of chord you want, and the site shows you how to fret the chord. Click “strum” to hear how the chord should sound. You can also construct your own chords and find out what their names are. This site is so easy and fun that I once spent a half-hour playing songs on the virtual guitar.

Care and Feeding of Your Guitar Did you break a string and need to know how to replace it? Does your guitar’s neck have the right amount of bow in it? Does it play in tune? This site will teach you all you need to know about caring for your guitar.

Guitar Repair Another set of instructions for setting up your guitar, with contact information for the two people who work on my guitars: Cat Fox (acoustic) and Mike Lull (electric).

Seattle Music

Seattle Drum Lessons Looking for a great drum teacher?  Mark DiFlorio is one of the best music teachers I’ve met, period.  Both a top-notch professional musician and a gifted educator, and great with kids.

Phinney Neighborhood Chorus Interested in joining a community chorus with a skilled, inspirational leader? I sang with them last summer and had a blast.

Michael Nicolella My classical guitar teacher.

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