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The Stranger, one of Seattle’s “Alternative Weeklies,” plugged my blog the other day, as “One of Seattle’s Best Blogs You Might Not Know.”

I wouldn’t be one to judge, but The Stranger has a reputation of being Cool. If they only knew I spent my weekends mowing my lawn in shorts, loafers, and knee-high black socks…

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  1. I’m glad they posted it when they did, I just picked a guitar up for the first time about 3 days before I saw the link there and your site’s been really helpful. Thanks a lot!

  2. Nice blog, I’ve just found it recently. Congratulations on the publishing on the Stranger plugging your blog.

    I guess what I like about it is it looks real, real people enjoying guitar in a relaxed sort of atmosphere, this is quite nice to see. I’ve just spent a bit of time sitting outside playing and singing, but the mosquitos got me eventually, something that I haven’t done too much of lately.

    I live at the other side of the world. There are so many different approaches; as a musician that has played for almost 40 years, it’s great to see another perspective. Totally different to mine, but I’m open to learning still, and learning is not just about new tunes, techniques and styles, it’s about mindset.

    The chord families with the Brady’s is rather hilarious, ingenious actually.. Good to see a bit of theory thrown in instead of just TAB. I was thinking of doing an April Fools day prank of developing Vocal Tab for singers that can’t read dots, It would include pictures of mouths open to different degrees, maybe advanced vocal tab would have air pressure levels included, as well. Is that too silly?
    Anyway, keep musical.

    Tony Hogan acoustic guitarist

  3. Hey Tony,

    Great idea! Or just have Vocal Tab shout the string and fret number at you, really quick. “Fifth string, fouth fret! Slide up to 7th!” Might actually be useful for those who can’t see, but for the rest of us…not so much…

    Thanks for stopping by,


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