The Newsletter Needs a Name

The Heartwood Hammer-on? No…

The Heartwood Harmonic? That’s OK, I guess…

Anyone out there have a better idea for the name for my new rag?

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  1. Hints from Heartwood
    Heartwood Hearsay
    Hewing Heartwood (to “hew” means to cut down, but you get the idea)
    Help from Heartwood
    From the Heart(wood)

    That’s all for now..

  2. Note: This comment if from Simon Joyce, moved here by the administrator.

    “I think you already got a good name for the newsletter – Heartwood Guitar Newsletter, volume X. It does just what it says on the can.”

  3. Here are a few more…….

    Heartwood’s Score
    Heartwood Notations
    Heartwood Timbre
    Heartwood Rhythm
    Heartwood’s Lead Sheet
    Heartwood Essentials
    Hearwood Parchment
    Heartwood Tuning
    Heartwood Tones

    Ok, we’ll stop now. We’re just big fans.

  4. The Heartwood Beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I knew you appreciate my play on word (PUNS)
    Hey, It’s YOUR newsletter………………

    Joe M

  5. Joanne, “The Heartwood Soundpost” would be PERFECT if soundposts were used more in guitars. They are found in some archtop guitars, but I think they’re primarily a building technique found in violins, etc.

    The name’s so good though…hmmm…Heartwood Violin Instruction…

  6. hey. im an accomplished guitarist with no theory background. i really love this page. ive been reading it for ages.
    sorry, this isnt a post about the name. i just thought id say thanks. 🙂


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