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Remember Connor, the 7-year-old whose recording of “Wild Thing” I posted a few months ago? He’s preparing the song for a school talent show next month, and he’ll be standing on the stage (at the altar actually—the show is being held in a church) and singing into a mic, so he needs some practice coordinating playing, singing, and strutting about like Angus Young. I decided to film him so that he could review his mic skills—moving in close during the whispered parts, and backing off when he hollers.

As you can see, he’s a natural. I hope he doesn’t blow out any stained-glass windows…

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  1. What a wonderful blog (still don’t know what that means). I live in the UK, am 63 years old and have just bought a Taylor Baby. I’m finding it really difficult but am putting lots of time in. Each day I read your articles to give me inspiration. My teacher is really nice but embarrassed by my lack of talent and doesn’t really know what to do with me.

    Best wishes and thank you. Pat B

  2. I appreciate how Connor seems naturally to balance serious guitar-playing with an unaffected stage persona. I’m guessing that he has a noblesse oblige attitude toward those who can’t help but say, “Look at the cute little kid jamming away!” Rock on, Connor.

  3. Connor-

    You go, guy! If you have even Half the fun playing as folks have watching and listening to you, then you’re having a blast! Do me (but mostly, yourself) a favor and have your mom by you some earplugs so you can still hear your great music when you’re my age.

    Thanks for the lift!

  4. I’ve started teaching my 9 year old son to play guitar and this video of a 7 year old rocking out has motivated him beyond words.

    Connor’s got great presence.


  5. hi, i live in india and am 12 years old and i am learning the spanish guitar and i am truly inspired by this talented kid . i wish i would be like him someday!!!well done connor and may you succeed in the future

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  7. Hi ya ROB,

    I am a guitar teacher from AUSTRALIA with over 20 years of experience. I can relate to what your doing and have to congratulate you. You are a great teacher. This guy is passionate about his guitar. Do his parents play guitar or music? I work alot with young children and would love swap stories http://www.g4guitar.com.au Hope to hear from anyone who teaches or learns guitar.

  8. I bought my guitar a few years ago, super-inspired by so much local talent & passion. Soon after, I moved, eventually lost the motivation & stashed my guitar in a closet. Recently, I decided to give it another shot. Just as I was becoming frustrated, I see this rockin talent.
    Thanks, Connor (& teacher)… this is the inspiration i need! TOTALLY PHENOMENAL!

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