That time my ’52 Martin got run over by a car…

A tale of tragedy, redemption, and an awkward encounter at my high school reunion…

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  1. What a great story, Rob! Thanks for sharing it with us! I could hear the emotion in your voice and see it in your expressions…It must have felt like an old friend had returned from the morgue. You must have been so thankful when John presented the repaired version to you! So glad it worked out in the end. Thanks again for telling the story. If it had happened to my Yamaha, I’d have probably just chucked it in the recycle bin! Glad you didn’t do that!

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  2. Makes me want to tell YOU a story about when my car slipped out of gear and rolled backwards down a hill, took out a fence, an electrical pole, full size anatomical model in the back seat lost its parts all over the car, car was totaled, and MY 55 Martin 0-15 in the trunk was FINE!

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  3. Thanks for that story!
    Reminds me so much of my high school experience.
    I never had a guitar destroyed but I did back my car into my best friends car in the school parking lot while he was in gym class.
    I went and found him and told him.
    His dad got an estimate, I worked to pay them for the damage and his dad forgave the last $250. Of a $500. bill
    His dad was just a wonderful guy.
    2 years later my friend died falling asleep at the wheel hitting a tow truck from behind.
    The repair work on your guitar is outstanding. What a nice gesture that he did it for free.

    Rob M

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