Adding Videos of Strum Patterns

dchordstrumOver and over, visitors to this site say that their favorite thing about my chord charts is that many of them have strum pattern recommendations. This is a feature that’s practically non-existent in chord charts on the web.

Lately, I’ve been toying with two ideas that I think would be a big benefit to people who find the strum pattern information helpful. One is to add strum patterns to all the songs that have them missing—basically, all the songs that I wrote out over my first few years of teaching.

The second one I’m really excited about. What if I created videos of me playing each of the strum patterns found in the 450 songs on my site, and then linked to the appropriate clip on each of the songs, so that people could actually see and hear how the pattern should go? Wouldn’t that be cool?! I’m thinking the clips would look similar to the ones found on my popular How to Strum the Guitar article.

It would take some work, but it could be worth it. I could start with the most common patterns—there are about 10 patterns that can be used in probably 75% of all songs—and then fill in the gaps when I have time. And I could have a page featuring all the strum patterns for people who just want a strum-a-thon.

What do you think? Any suggestions?