Note from Thailand

beachI just got an email from a former student, Emily, who’s in Thailand. It was in the form of a top-ten list of great experiences she’s had there. Here’s her number one:

Bonfire on the beach, Tonsai: There were two guitars. I got to play a good guitar about half the time. “More Cat Stevens!” “What other Simon and Garfunkel do you know?” “More Cat Stevens!” “Wow, Emily I didn’t know you liked the Band, that’s awesome, play more,” and “Just play Father and Son one more time” are all direct quotes from actual people who aren’t me. People were singing along the whole time and the other kid who could play knew some awesome songs too. I know that I could experience this at home, but some how being on the other side of the world with strangers from all over the world makes it infinitely more magical. Now I just have to recreate it many more times before I go home.

The best thing about teaching guitar is helping create this kind of experience for people.

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  1. I am Emily’s Dad. I bought Emily her first guitar and lessons with Rob a few years ago. It is a very cool thing to me that she is playing and singing many of my favorite songs around a campfire on the other side of the world. I seem to have passed on a sense of adventure, and a love for the sound of many voices singing a pretty song together.
    Gary Paine

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