Almost $1k in Donations–Thank You!

The 2018 Christmas Carol Songbook was a huge success, bringing in $942, which I split between two worthy causes:

The RAICES Families Together Fund, which works to prevent the cruel separation of children and their parents at the U.S. southern border, and

Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Uncompensated Care Fund, which helps cover the care of sick kids here in Seattle.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated: Laura, Tony, Chris, Dave, William, Blake, Philip, Chase, Meghan, Frederik, Letty, Cynthia, James, Steven, Lonny, Elizabeth, Andrew, David, John, Derek, William, Todd, Stuart, Mark, Clint, Jim, Michael, Paul, Barry, John, Kenneth, Craig, Ryan, Jon, George, Sable, Maggie, Bohdan, Anthony, Jack, Donna, Michael, and John.

Seattle Children’s Hospital


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