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Brett and I discussed the popularity of Wesley’s “Folsom Prison Blues” video, some of the tricks I use for teaching guitar to young kids, and I got in a little rant about the bankruptcy of American culture.

Here’s an .mp3 of the 40-minute interview.

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  1. Hey Dick,

    Glad you liked the interview. I ended up just posting an .mp3 of the interview since it sounds like there were problems with BlogTalkRadio’s player.



  2. I could only listen to the first 30 seconds or so of the interview I just heard stuff about singing like bruce sprinsteen and then it cut off, even when I downloaded it. Is there another link I could try?

  3. Great job! I really enjoyed the interview and I will be checking back often and I even added you to my sites blogroll. I’m sure my readers will find your post very informative and insightful…Rock on!

  4. Greetings from Sweden. I wish that all music teachers were like you. So much joy in your students’ souls. Keep up the god work and donĀ“t care about the negative views are available. Wish my kids will have someone like you as a teacher.

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