Interview This Friday, Aug. 7, 9am PST

no_imageBrett Singer of Babble Radio (an online talk radio program associated with the parenting magazine Babble) will be interviewing me this Friday about the popularity of what has come to be known as the “Folsom Pwison Blues” video. I hope I get a chance to talk about some of the interesting issues this video brings up:

  • How should music be taught to kids?
  • What is inappropriate material for young musicians?
  • How does fame affect kids?
  • How do the Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups stand up against real ’50’s Tele pickups? (OK, so we may not get to that one….)

Visit Here on Friday at 9am for the live broadcast. Just have that page open in your browser and the show will start streaming at 9am. Log in if you’d like to type comments or questions in the chatroom.

A recording of the show will be available.

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