Puget Sound Guitar Workshop 2006

Flip our fearless leader, on the ferry heading homeI just got back from another incredible week at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (PSGW). I learned fingerstyle blues licks from fingerpicking legend and Prairie Home Companion regular Pat Donohue, learned how to shape vowel sounds to blend my voice with other vocalists in a class taught by Kim Scanlon, and trashed my callouses in countless witching-hour jam sessions.

Highlights included singing “If You Were to Wake Up” by Lyle Lovett during the student concert (here’s the recording) and “American Idiot” by Green Day at the dance (here’s the video), caroling through the camp at 3am with Steve Baughman and Steve “Chezz” Cheseborough singing “Little Ol’ Wine Drinkin’ Me”, and floating on my back in Lake Flora in the sunshine.

The greatest lesson from this past week, though, was a reminder of people’s capacity for goodness, and of music’s ability to bring it out. I still feel like I’m floating in the lake, the world spinning around me, bouyed up by the love and generosity of my friends from camp.

Here are some photos.

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  1. I’ve been playing instruments my entire life and thought learning the guitar would be a snap. Then I realized what all who are learning guitar realize..it isn’t. However, your website is amazing! I really appreciate the beginner leasons you have posted. They have helped me a great deal! Strum On!

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