Three Seconds of Fame

logoNew York’s WPIX TV station did a story on blogs this morning, and this blog was featured…well, maybe highlighted…OK, it was part of a rapid-fire montage. But I’m still calling mom.

The WPIX website uses all sorts of javascript shenanigans, so I don’t know if this’ll work, but try this link:

WPIX Video

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  1. Link works great. Feeling some pride being a reader of a blog shown in a rapide-fire montage!

    Keep posting, you’re inspiring.

    Palerider 🙂
    Montreal, Quebec

  2. hey Rob – that’s great! I actually have been following your blog for a while now. i really like your style of writing; it’s always a lot of fun and entertaining!
    hope you the best of luck, and hey; if your cool with it i’m adding you to my brand new blogroll (i accidently wiped out my old one on my blog when i updated the template; oops!).
    and hey, we’re almost neighbours. i’m just up here in Vancouver, BC, so if you need a cup of sugar….
    take care

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