The Caterpillar: The One Finger Exercise All Guitarists Should Do

This classic finger exercise will boost your strength, coordination, and flexibility. Do this every time you pick up the guitar to practice and your guitar skills will skyrocket!

Wondering what else you should do when you practice? A good practice routine looks like this:

1. Warm Up – Play an easy and fun song that you know well
2. Exercise – The Caterpillar
3. Learn New Material – This might be a new piece of music, or learning a new skill like playing a scale
4. Study Music Theory (optional)
5. Review Old Material – Keep those old songs alive so you don’t forget them

Over the years of teaching this exercise to my private students, I’ve found that in its original form, the Caterpillar is too hard for many beginners. So I’ve developed four levels of difficulty that I teach in this video that will make the exercise accessible to anyone.

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