For Those About to Rock

Jack and KyleRecently one of my students told me he wanted to join a rock band, and asked where he should start. Here are some ideas for finding musicians in the Seattle area:


Legend has it that bassist Kim Deal hooked up with the Pixies by answering an ad for “Bassist who is into Husker Du and Peter, Paul and Mary.”

Seattle Musician – This is how my former band, Tilted Blue, found a new bass player. Lots of postings.

The Stranger Classifieds
– Another vibrant website.

Craigslist – Also great for buying and selling used instruments.

Open Mics

Does the thought of trying out for a band make you want to hide? Consider going to an open mic and auditioning musicians for YOUR band. Watch the performances and look for someone you’d like to play with, then approach them after their show and see if they’re interested.

Here are a couple lists of open mic’s in Seattle:

Lair Music

Jorge Zorro


If you can take a week off during the summer to immerse yourself in music, I highly recommend the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. I wrote about my experience at last year’s workshop here. PSGW is a great place to meet other musicians. While the camp emphasizes acoustic music, I met quite a few classic rockers there too.

If you have other ideas on finding jam partners or band members, please leave a comment.

Good Luck!

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  1. Hi Rob,

    What a cool and informative web site you have! And muchas, muchas gracias for listing my humble list of open mics on your web site! You have a lot of helpful information – cool to see someone giving to the community! Time for me to get back to reading your site….

    peace, JZ

  2. I stumbled onto your site after researching 18 watt projects and have to say I really enjoyed reading about your project and seeing your video update. Very cool to say the least.

    I think that was the little nudge I needed to give it a try. Any words of wisdom before I start?

  3. Hi guys,

    what about havin a jam session online I mean with technology the way it is it’s easy and all we need is a few people to get together.
    oh by the way great blog….

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