Winter's Last Snow?

Flower in the snowI awoke this morning to white rooftops and the sound of my neighbors scraping windshields. I love it when it snows in Seattle, and it happens just a couple times every winter. Last night’s dusting was even more improbable: I heard on the radio that after February 20th, the chances of snow in the city plummet.

Instead, what plummeted was about a half-inch of graupel—little snow pellets, softer than hail, but icy enough to thwart an SUV that tried to climb the hill by my house.

I took a stroll around the neighborhood and discovered this crocus in a neighbor’s garden.

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  1. Hi Rob- I found a link to your site on another website and was interested in your approach.
    Your site is inspiring to me in that it explains alot of the missing puzzel pieces as I play guitar (2 years now). Thanks and best wishes.

    Bob D/Nashville

  2. Snow in April huh….? Only in Seattle have I ever heard of that. lol. I’m a little more North from there, lower British Columbia, and rain is all this little town knows. Hope, Bc….maybe some1 has heard of it.

  3. Hi, wondering if you can help? I’ve been looking for some info online but I’m not having much luck.
    I’m looking for something that tells me where a note shown on the standard musical staff (not tab) is located on the guitar neck.
    I know the notes on the guitar pretty good and I can read music ok but putting the two together is what I’m missing – for playing melodies etc.
    If you could point me somewhere I’d appreciate it.

  4. Hey Rob,

    Rememebr me from SCU? (Campisi 1st baby!). I just googled you and found you still strumming and plucking away. I’m sure you are a fantastic teacher. Good for you. I’m still in Salt Lake. I just ran in to an old SI guy you might know who’s living in SLC now. Rememeber Dominic Barsi? Small world. Shoot me a line, I’d love to catch up.

    Mike Molteni

  5. I can not believe I may have found my old friend Mike Molteni from BALTIMORE…Mike, this is Fran and I’m hoping you get this…I’m in the process of moving and found some old letters from 7th grade!!! I’ve been trying to find you for a while now, hope this makes it to you~and hope you haven’t forgotten me 🙂

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