Google PageRank (PR) Update Going On Now?

PagerankThe webmaster community has been in a froth over the past few days in anticipation of Google’s latest update of every website’s PageRank, which is a number between 1 and 10 displayed on the Google toolbar. It’s a gross rating of how popular your site is, based on the number of links to your site from other sites, the quality of those links, and the alignment of Neptune with the Earth and Sun, it sometimes seems.

Anyway, it looks like the update may have commenced. I’m curious to see how the dice tumbles for me and my webmaster friends. Even if PR is the equivalent of an SAT score (in terms of accuracy), it’s still nice to come out on top….

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Well, it looks like instead of updating, Google is waffling back and forth between current PageRankings and former ones. Who knows why? A couple very well-paid geeks in California, and few else, I guess.

I look at the fluctuations the way volcano scientists look at eruption predictions: When there’s rumbling, she might be about to blow.

Can you tell I’m obsessed?

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