Not Kidnapped by Aliens

The DigsHi Everyone, or rather, Everyone Minus All The People Who’ve Left Me For Dead,

Oh! You’re still here! Nice to see you again! Guess where I’ve been for the past five months? Not kidnapped by aliens, I’m afraid. I bought a house in December, and am still trying to figure out where I packed the can opener.

Despite the slow pace of getting my new home set up, I am really enjoying being a home owner. My favorite part is my teaching studio, in the backyard. It’s as if this elegant little bamboo-floored building was built with me in mind: It’s got plenty of space for teaching private lessons, lots of power outlets, and windows that bring in lots of light and through which I can watch squirrels frolic while I wait for my next student to arrive.

The backyard itself is also lovely, and since I’m watching it bloom for the first time, there are new surprises every day. Here are some photos I took after a recent rainstorm: Flowers

Anyway, it’s nice to be back, and I’m looking forward to updating my blog some more, starting with the 100 Dollar Challenge results. Yes, that’s right! The results are in!

What’s that? You forgot all about it? Oh….

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