The $100 Challenge Winner Is…

MoneyMoneyMoneySome of you might recall, way back in December, I presented my blog readers with a challenge: What could I do with the traffic this website attracts (about 9000 visitors a day, now) that would both generate income and provide a valuable service?

Well, the ideas flooded in, about fifty all together. I was impressed with the ingenuity of people’s ideas, and am thankful for everyone’s kind words regarding my site. May the Ghost of Jimi Hendrix watch over and protect your guitars and amps, and may the Spirit of Keith Richards keep your internal organs going long after their warranties have expired (I know, I know, he’s technically still alive).

Anyway, the last of the ballots have been cast by my multinational panel of e-commerce experts. And the winner is…

Dave Sharpe, of Kelso, Washington (a fellow Pacific Northwesterner!).

Dave has won $100, plus 10% of any money I make off his idea in 2007. Actually, implementing his plan will take a while, so let’s say 10% of what I make for eight months following implementation.

In my next blog entry, I’ll tell you about Dave’s great ideas, and also respond to all the other submissions.

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  1. Hey Rob,

    Wow! Congrats on your traffic level! I believe you get 9000 hits daily because I checked your Alexa web ranking– 159K!!!

    I started a blog because I didn’t want to do email marketing. My blog is my newsletter. In less than one year, and currently at about 500 hits daily, I’m monetizing– not a lot, but it increases each month. With your traffic, I’d really be monetizing. I’m more focused on blogging about guitar than selling anything, but am also putting structure in place to monetize. I’m not an “internet marketer” per se.

    Contact me anytime and I’ll tell you what is working for me. I won’t tell you what NOT to do– you’re the guy with the 9000/day, not I. You could easily be making $90/day.

    As I know you must be getting extraordinary email traffic and spam, I’m contacting you via your blog comments and don’t expect you to post this comment. Just get in touch if you feel like bouncing any ideas. I don’t need $100. Check out my blog– it’s just a goofy little guitar blog.

    [email protected]

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