Redesign Number 2

After a few readers said they didn’t like the white-text-on-brown-background in the last design proposal, I did some research about text readability. I was surprised to discover that there isn’t consensus, except that high contrast is good. I did find one almost decade-old study claiming that green-on-pale-yellow was most readable, but I’ll save that color scheme for my next gardening blog, thank you very much.

Here’s a more conservative design. In addition to changing font and background color, I’ve increased the body text size and navigation a bit–two changes I think I’ll keep no matter what I do.

I like the look of the original design more, but I do think this is more readable.

What do you think?

Redesign Number 2

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  1. I think this is much better. Although some people won’t mind white text on brown, a significant proportion will. I’m in that group and find it quite tiring to read white text on a dark background. I once read in a book about advertising never, ever use white text on a black background in print.

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