Rockabye Baby

rockDilemma: Baby likes peaceful music. Mom and Dad like Nine Inch Nails.
Solution: Rockabye Baby

You haven’t fully appreciated AC/DC until you’ve heard “You Shook Me All Night Long” played by a music box.

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  1. I’m seriously looking at giving guitar lessons. My question is how
    can i give effective lessons and still make it fun at the same time? My students will probably be from ages 8-18. I have been playing guitar for 20 plus years. Unfortunately I do not know how to site read music. Do you think this will be a problem in giving lessons? I know how to read tab, I know tons of scales and chords as well as songs. Any recommendations you may for an effective lesson plan or
    just any tips at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch.

    1. Awesome, Steve! Don’t let your lack of note-reading skills get in the way–I don’t read standard notation much, and was also concerned about this when I started. But my philosophy is, capitalize on your strengths, and as long as you’re up-front with your students about your strengths and weaknesses, there’ll be no expectations dashed. I feel like I give my students a great experience even if they have that piece of their education missing (note reading). It would have been a shame if I had let that discourage me from ever starting.

      And you can always learn as you go. I’ve gotten much better at reading notation since I started teaching.

      Here’s a blog entry I wrote about the business side of things:

      How To Make a Living Teaching Guitar

      Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


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