Segovia Meets The Who

This was my backpacking guitar until I backed over it at a trailhead in Idaho two summers ago. The back popped off and the neck buckled, but it was somewhat intact. It sat in my basement like Norman Bates’ mother until last Saturday, when I decided it was time to drive the coffin nail home, rock-and-roll style.

I know smashing a classical guitar isn’t that rock-and-roll, but it was still a lot of fun.

Hampie Calling

Now THIS guy knows what he’s doing. I’m not worthy.

What a great shot...

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  1. From my student Gary:

    Hi Rob,
    Your picture of smashing your back-packing guitar on your blog, reminded me of my old beach guitar.

    I had a beach guitar which went back-packing and to the beach for many years. It finally got so warped that I couldn’t get it in tune even with new strings. So I went to pawn shops and found another guitar for a hundred dollars to become my new beach guitar. But I managed to get the old one sort of in tune (good enough for the beach) and took it to La Push one last time. On our last night there, I had been complaining about how I couldn’t keep it in tune. I started playing some song, suddenly stopped, and quietly said “That’s not right”, stood up, smashed the guitar on some rocks and through it in the fire. There was a look of horror on everyone’s face which still amuses me twenty years later.


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