Baby Got A Groove On

Uten Gleten Nounten GlobinMy new realtor just told me the most amazing story.

We’d been chatting about teaching music to young kids, and how little kids get a lot out of whanging and whomping on the guitar strings—it might not sound like music to us, but they’re learning to play with rhythm. Then she told me this story:

“When I was pregnant with my four-year-old, I had these sensations like he was hiccupping or convulsing. I was worried he was sick—the movements were too fast to be punches or kicks.

So I went in to see my doctor, who was a naval doctor who’d seen thousands of babies. I told him what was wrong, and he said, ‘He’s probably fine. He’s just playing.’ Then he tapped a rhythm on my belly…

…and the baby repeated it.

‘When babies are in the womb, everything is rhythm,’ he said.”

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  1. its amazing, how i have been playing for years ,but the power of simplicity goes forever, you just never can uderestimate something explained simply. Sometimes i feel modern tech is another way to cause seperation in socail classes, like rich and p;oor or dumb or smart. its like its so hard to get caught up in modern tech like this d,,,,m computer. Any wayes, may GOD BLESS you for YOUR nano chord diagram, blew me away, It really did because first i couldnt get it, but then read the explanation and wow what an ingeounes concept. Keep on thinking and thank you for keeping it smple thank you sincerele mikr j ps do like slash chord to, but those basic chord are timelee treasures for us to be able to ALL share such great music.

  2. sorry for my bad typing. i only use one finger and i get so excited that i skip keys. why doesnt manufactures make there instructions so difficult. they expect you to knoe certain lingo with out explaining. tried to hook up copier to computer and there disc would show different pictures on screen then in the catalogue instuction manual. just dont get it wantede to thruogh it on ghe ground.. anyways thats why i realized that soceity is getting so smart thar if your alittle older your like from a differant planet. all thet have to do is simplify the directions and make even a child understand it then i know i wouldnt be sued for hitting the button on the agreement contractcts or atleast be able to connect the thing together.

  3. hi my name is bianca and i love guitar ive been doing guitar for 4 years now and i love it. it is awsome < didnt spell right. but anyways i thank u 2 letting me share my thoughts about guitar. its really nice 2 talk 2 somebody in a while. thanks 4 actually listining!!!!!! may God Bless You!!1

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