United Breaks Guitars

I hate flying with my guitar. Approaching the ticket-taker at the gate with my Martin in hand always feels like I’m leading it to its death, dreading this: “Oh, I’m sorry sir, it’s a very full flight, but we can hand-check that for you.”

Thankfully, so far I’ve always been able to shoehorn it into a coat closet or once, incredibly, into the captain’s cabin. This was post-9/11, folks. The stewardess who made that happen will be strumming a 1934 Martin OM in heaven some day.

Anyway, this guy wasn’t so lucky. Hilarious video. Hey, at least it wasn’t a Martin:

Thanks to Farida for turning me on to this.

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  1. I’ve seen this music video before.

    I heard that the company actually offered to pay the full price of the lost guitar, but he was so embarrassed that they contacted him that he said it was ok and made them keep their money. haha


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