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thumb_1Yesterday I launched Rob’s Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook, my guide for running a successful guitar teaching business. It’s been two years in the making. I summed up my feelings in the Conclusion, written during yesterday’s marathon of last-minute writing, editing, and battling Microsoft Word:

“If teaching guitar is about spreading joy, writing this book has been like collecting joy in a giant container. Today I finally get to tip it over.”

Writing this book taught me several things:

1) I love writing every day. I love how it wakes up my creative mind. It’s like having X-ray vision, except it’s Creative Vision: I’m more playful with language in conversation, a humminbird glistening in my backyard inspires a line of poetry–I even pay closer attention to music.

2) I love self-publishing. I probably would not have written this book had I been born 20 years earlier. Even if I could have found a publisher, royalties would not have paid for all the tea I drank as I wrote. But by self-publishing, I keep over 95% of sales (the rest goes to PayPal), which means I don’t need to sell nearly as many books to make it profitable. Plus, the popularity of my website may help me sell more books than a big publisher every could have.

3) I love teaching guitar. Putting my ideas about and enthusiasm for this job into words has driven the feeling home.

Learn more about the Handbook here.

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  1. Congratulations! I’m glad to see any self-made publishing come out! If you would like the 5th Fret to review it, just let me know!

    Again, congrats on the new book!

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