So how are we going to learn how to sing and strum simultaneously? We’ll use the same approach we’ve used this whole course when we’re preparing to multitask: We’ll practice each skill in isolation until it becomes more or less automatic, then work on performing the skills at the same time.

Now you already know how to play your guitar part--that’s the first step. Next you learn your vocal part well. And finally, you start doing the two together, but you’re slowing down and simplifying your guitar part at first--remember our two tools for making a hard part easier? We’ll be using those a ton in this lesson.


1. Learn guitar part
2. Learn vocal part
3. Ease into performing the two simultaneously

So we’re going to apply this formula to the song you’ve been working on. But first, I want to check in with you about whether these songs are in a good key for your voice. Women in particular may be finding it difficult or impossible to sing as low as I’m singing, and fellas, some of you who are experienced singers might prefer to sing a little higher too. So lemme show you how to do that.

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