This lesson and the next one are intended for those of you who still need to buy a guitar. If you've already got one, or you're planning on getting an electric, and you're hell-bent on learning how to play it, you may want to skip this lesson.

Product Recommendations

Acoustic Guitars
For laminate-tops: There are so many inexpensive makes and models, I'd recommend going to a store and see what you're drawn to. If you're interested in a solid-top, the two biggest manufacturers are Martin and Taylor. Martins tend to sound better strummed, and Taylors sound better played fingerstyle (picking individual notes). I lean more toward Martins.
Celluloid Picks made by Fender and many other companies are standard. They're fine but the thin ones break easily. I have a slight preference for Dunlop Ultex .73 picks when playing an acoustic. They provide a little more friction when striking the string, creating a pleasing chime sound. If you struggle with holding on to your pick, Cat Tongue Picks are the grippiest I've found.
The Kyser Quick-Change capo is my favorite because I can stow it on my headstock.
If you have a smartphone, get GuitarToolkit. By far the most accurate tuning app I've tested. If you want a dedicated tuner you can carry in your guitar case, the Snark is accurate, easy, and popular. Like the Kyser capo, you can stow it on your headstock, and since it works by sensing vibrations in the wood, you can use it in noisy environments.