Tune Your Guitar By Ear

Electric Tuner Tip

I strongly recommend that you get a tuner that has both "Standard Tuning" or "EADGBE" mode, and also "All Notes" or "Chromatic" mode. Set it to "Standard Tuning" mode for now. "All Notes" mode will come in handy when you start using a capo.

Tuner Recommendations

Tuning App: If you have a smartphone, get GuitarToolkit. By far the most accurate tuning app I've tested, and you can tap the "Mode" button (right under the tuner's needle) to switch between "Standard" and "All Notes" mode.

Dedicated Tuner: The Snark is accurate and popular. Like the Kyser capo, you can stow it on your headstock, and since it works by sensing vibrations in the wood, you can use it in noisy environments. Its main drawback is that it only has a "All Notes" mode, which makes it less beginner-friendly.