So glad you're here. Before you play your first video, let me point out a few features that will help you get the most out of Travis Pick Like a Pro.
Lessons Menu
That's the menu to your left (or above if you're on mobile). Use it to move from one lesson to the next.
This is the bread and butter of the course. It should look good on all devices--let me know if you have any problems. The dots along the bottom are chapter markers to help you jump around quickly.
Lesson Info Tab
That's what you're looking at right now. Check this out before you watch each video. It'll include tips and also links to stuff I reference in the video.
Jam Track Player Tab
In Travis Pick Like a Pro, all practice tracks are video-based, so you can ignore this tab.
Downloads Tab
This is mostly for chord charts and other printable reference materials. I'll usually mention in the video if there's something of interest here.
Most people will want to just watch the video, but if you prefer to read for whatever reason, here you go. Ok, hit play on your video to get started!